Outtakes and Remakes

Everywhere on the streets of urban America are the makings and trimmings of illusions. They are present in the form of „Fantasy Islands“, buildings, written statement advertisements and cars. They are part of the American soul, a search or a yearning for another place. Often bordering on the underside of society they sometimes cross the line into what many consider „bad taste“. These fantasy areas are constantly changing and adapting to new influences and whims of society.

In my series based on roadside images I intend to document some aspects of these illusions and then remake some of the scenes to create yet another illusion. Some of the more drabby scenes reveal unexpected qualities when redone as a new illusion. Change has always been a major part of American roadside culture. The very nature of our cities demands movement and fantasy. I have included some photos of my recent exhibition in Olten,Switzerland based in part on these ideas as a sample of my intentions.